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Scientific projects


Please see below references to articles from Euromelanoma.

Impact, challenges and perspectives of Euromelanoma, a pan-European campaign of skin cancer prevention.

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The Euromelanoma skin cancer prevention campaign in Europe: characteristics and results of 2009 and 2010

Skin Cancer Detection among 2961 Patients during the “Euromelanoma Day” Screening Campaign in Sweden 2009

Results of the ‘Euromelanoma Day’ screening campaign in Sweden 2008

Melanoma/skin cancer screening in a Mediterranean country: results of the Euromelanoma Screening Day Campaign in Greece



Euromelanoma would like to thank the following scientific collaborators for their contribution to its activities.

Dr. Véronique Bataille (UK)

Dr. Jean-Luc Bulliard (Switzerland)

Dr. Osvaldo Correia (Portugal)

Dr. Ana-Maria Forsea (Romania)

Dr. Isabel Longo (Spain)

Dr. Eduardo Nagore (Spain)

Mr. Hassan Njimi (Belgium)

Dr. Myrto Trakatelli (Greece)

Dr. Mariano Suppa (Belgium)