Atypical Nevi

An atypical or dysplastic nevus is a mole whose appearance is different from that of common moles.
Atypical nevi are usually larger than ordinary nevi and their borders might be irregular or indistinct with frequent color variability and irregularity (their color might range from pink to dark brown). They might be flat or might have parts raised (in some cases they are raised in the center and darker there and they resemble fried eggs “sunny side up” photo 80).
The ABCD rule (the same we use for melanoma) can help in identifying an atypical nevus as it can be characterized by asymmetry, irregular or ill-defined borders and non-homogeneous distribution of color. If you apply the ABCD rule to your nevi and they fulfill these criteria, ask for a dermatologic consultation as it is difficult to make the difference between atypical nevus and melanoma.
Individuals with multiple atypical nevi (photos 78, 79, 81,82,83,84, 85) have a much higher risk for developing melanoma so they should be checked regularly by a dermatologist. Self skin examination monthly is also very important for them and in case of any change it is recommended that they see a dermatologist.


EUROMELANOMA is the official skin cancer prevention campaign from EADO.